Meet Cassidy Rast

Meet one of our favorite creators here at Evidence, Cassidy Rast. Documentary filmmaker, producer, music video and commercial director, and one of the bada** women in LA using her passion for film as a force for good. She recently directed the video for Proposition by The.Wav here at Evidence, check it out below:

Follow Cassidy on Instagram @electricladyfilms 

Read more about Cassidy here.

How-To Luminair with DS3

We're excited to bring you a first of many how-to videos from the EFS team. Stay tuned for more and if you have ideas on more videos you'd like to see let us know.

1. Learn how to connect the Digital Sputnik DS3 to the Luminair App.

2. Learn how to use the Luminair App interface to control the Digital Sputnik DS3 and play with a few colors.

3. Learn how to quickly create a scene by pre-programming different set ups with different lighting backgrounds.

4. Learn how to create a new sequence, add scenes, controlling timing and transitions.

DS3 and Luminair are available for rent at Evidence. Click here for pricing.