Cassidy Rast


Cassidy has a deep passion for storytelling, directing and producing meaningful and impactful imagery.  Her passion first started in grade school where instead of writing out a book report, she would bring to life the characters of Jack London and Cleopatra and make short films in place of the book report. At the age of 15 Cassidy was learning how to produce and direct 3 camera ENG (Electronic New Gathering) style shoots while attending Coronado School of the Arts. Along with studying music, dance and theatre she also learned how to shoot, edit and produce through the school video production programs. Right out of high school she went on to study theatre production in New York where she obtained a BFA in Arts Management and a B.A. in theatre performance.

Since 2008 she has worked as an ENG style camera operator and is dedicated to her craft in producing and directing. Through her experience as a camera operator, she moved into directing and producing branded and commercial content. She has worked locally and abroad producing and directing various documentary projects, branded  and commercial content.

“When I am directing or producing it is important for me to also have a fundamental understanding of how everything works from the camera to the lighting. All of these components play an integral part in the making of motion pictures.”

Cassidy’s goal as a filmmaker is to connect people to ideas and stories to bridge a greater understanding among one another and to create a platform for voices across the globe. She has worked for such networks as Discovery, TLC, Food Network, Warner Bros, CBS, ESPN, VH1, and many more. She continues to work in the fields of Directing and Producing and is based out of Los Angeles California.

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