Know your lens, know your power - a workshop specifically crafted for actors to maximize on camera performance. 

An acting for camera program by Carina Rosanna Tautu

An acting for camera program by Carina Rosanna Tautu

Course description: Through mis-en-scene exercise customized for each of our clients, you’ll gain fast expertise in front of the camera – you’ll learn how to synchronize your body with the camera moves (in pans, tilts, dolly-s, booms etc), how to hit your marks naturally, and how to tailor your technique and performance for each specific type of lens (wide, normal, telephoto, anamorphic etc).  

Body language is as important for building a character, as it is your ability to render it emotionally in close-up framing.  By working closely and studying your performance in a variety of frame types (WS, LS, MLS, MS, CU, XCU), you’ll gain fast understanding of what is the most efficient way to deliver your most powerful performance possible.  

Understanding how to use the depth of field will make aware of your strengths in front of the camera. This type of work will also emphasize the areas that need more attention from your part and we will work with you to make sure you achieve the desired level of comfort you need to have in front of any camera. In a day and age when no one has the time or budget for rehearsal, we’re confident that we’ll give you enough tools to shine and be confident on any professional film set. Each filmed exercise will also help you accumulate clips filmed professionally that can be used right away by your rep or that can even be included directing in your acting reel. We will work closely with each of you to choose the right scenes to work on – either from your own original material or inspired by a large selection of European, American, South American and North African/Arab cinema. For building a full acting reel, we recommend the two day workshop focusing in building and/or strengthening your personal reel: Reel Power.


Know your lens, know your power  - 2 day course – this is a concentrated workshop specifically crafted for actors to maximize on camera performance over two consecutive evening classes or week-end days. 

  • Course length: 2 days. 
  • Class length: 4hours.
  • Class load: minimum 6 students, maximum 10. 
  • Fee*: $160. All drop-ins are 90$/per class. 

* The fee covers all materials, working with state-of-the-art camera and studio equipment. Depending on the scene material you chose to work on, some props/set decorating objects will not be provided by the studio, they will have to be the responsibility of the student. Students are required to bring their own costumes/wardrobe/make-up. A make-up artist can be hired at additional costs. 


Class structure: 

First hour will emphasize group exercises, introduction of technical terms and break-downs of film scenes/screenplay scenes. The remaining 3h guarantees a hands on taped 10 min on camera drill for each 1/2/3 actors teams. Everyone is encouraged to participate fully in everyone’s on camera exercise as attention to the action on camera and feed-back are essential.