We're currently offering 3 rate packages which all include a 12 hour day, stage manager, grid DMX lighting, HVAC, parking, and full facilities. Many studios add on extra fees for using the air conditioning, lighting, parking, or the stage manager, which can easily double the cost of stage fee. At EFS, it's a clear and simple flat rate, so you can focus on your project, not the fine print.


------ RATES ------


Film Production rate of $1200 per day or $150 per hour (6h min)

Still Photography rate of $1000 per day or $100 per hour (6h min)

Indie Film Rates Available (8 people or less) 


On Site Camera Rentals - Arri, Sony, Red and Lenses.


*$100 discount if you don't need cyc painted.

* Students and Non-Profits:  We are happy to offer a 15% discount to students with current ID, as well as 501c3 non-profit      organizations. 

* All rentals require production insurance and rental agreement. 

* Minimum 6 hour rental.